liberty-direct-logoDr. Ge-Zerbe has joined with Liberty Direct, this is a revolutionary alternative to health insurance.  The one thing I am sure you are asking yourself does it fall under “Obama Care”; it does fall under the ACA (“Obama care”) mandatory insurance.

What is Liberty Direct, How does it work:

Liberty Direct is an alternative to health insurance, members share healthcare expenses through a well established cost-sharing program.  Liberty Direct has been a national leader in healthcare cost sharing for over 20 years, and able to maintain there monthly share amounts for the last 4 years.

How much does Liberty Direct cost:

Liberty Direct members cost are easy to understand with no fine print, and no hidden charges.  When you join as a new member you pay an annual membership fee of $125 and then only $75 each year after.

Your Monthly Share Amount:

Each month you pay a “share amount” which is distributed among members to cover eligible medical expenses.  This money is placed into your secure online account called a “share box”.  Every month nah you do not have a shared medical expense, money from your “share box” and is directed to the share box of another member that does have a medical need.  Likewise, when you have a eligible medical expense, funds are directed to your “share box”.  While it might seem complicated, it is all managed electronically on your behalf.

Your Annual Unshared Amount:

Liberty Direct, that is the only you are responsible for paying directly to your provider for your medical expenses and is easy to understand.  This amount is referred to as an “Annual Unshared Amount”.  Once you reach this amount, 100% of your eligible medical needs are shared up to one Million per incident with no lifetime limits.
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