What is Rubicon MD?

rubicon-mdRubicon MD is a population health management solution that connects the primary care physician to a network of top specialists in their field, for e-consults.  This web-based and mobile platform redesigns the referral process by bringing the specialist to the primary care physician.

  1. The e-consult eliminates avoidable referrals, because 40% of patients do not make it to their specialist referral.
  2. Improves existing referrals, because 40% of referrals are completely avoidable.
  3. Enhances the patient and the physicians experience, because 1 of 5 referrals will repeat imaging, and other testing.

How does Rubicon MD work


  1. The Primary Care Exam – Clinician request specialist input on a case
  2. Specialist E-Consult – Assigned specialist shares e consult within hours
  3. Follow Up – Clinician now proceeds with triage and treatment


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