Lynn Ge-Zerbe M.D. MPH will be hosting a lunch and learn on health issues surrounding your Microvascular Health  Friday, May 13, 2016, at 12:00 Noon Boise Thyroid Endocrinology 1759 S. Millennium Way, Meridian, Idaho Lunch will be provided This Microvascular Health Symposium is supported by MicroVascular Health Solutions (MVHS) makers of Endocalyx, a dietary supplement formulated to help build and... Read more

Ginger tea recipe for the cold

Boise Thyroid Endocrinology | Thyroid Doctor Boise ID | Endocrinologist Boise ID
Use ginger tea (the strong REAL ginger tea not just ginger flavor) or you can cut fresh ginger into tiny pieces then boiling it. Make sure you are covered with plenty of blankets both below and above you. Bring a dry towel with you too. Drink the hot ginger tea then cover yourself from head to toe. Please make sure you are completely... Read more

Liberty Direct

Liberty Direct
Dr. Ge-Zerbe has joined with Liberty Direct, this is a revolutionary alternative to health insurance.  The one thing I am sure you are asking yourself does it fall under “Obama Care”; it does fall under the ACA (“Obama care”) mandatory insurance. What is Liberty Direct, How does it work: Liberty Direct is an alternative to health insurance, members share healthcare... Read more

See what’s new @ BTE

Boise Thyroid Endocrinology | Thyroid Doctor Boise ID | Endocrinologist Boise ID
Dr. Ge-Zerbe has joined VideoMedicine  What is VideoMedicine.com: Physicians at your fingertips, and more affordable!  Why wait for an appointment?  Choose a provider you would like to video or voice chat with.  VideoMedicine has providers from the world’s top-ranked institution including, Harvard, Mayo Clinic, Johns Hopkins, University of California, etc. etc.  VideoMedicine has a vide variety of highly ranked online providers... Read more

Dr. Ge-Zerbe is now on Rubicon MD

Boise Thyroid Endocrinology | Thyroid Doctor Boise ID | Endocrinologist Boise ID
What is Rubicon MD? Rubicon MD is a population health management solution that connects the primary care physician to a network of top specialists in their field, for e-consults.  This web-based and mobile platform redesigns the referral process by bringing the specialist to the primary care physician. The e-consult eliminates avoidable referrals, because 40% of patients do not make it... Read more

Ways to Cut Calories from Holiday Meals

Cut Calories
Ways to Cut Calories from Holiday Meals Americans, sadly have a tradition of over eating for holiday meals.  We starve ourselves all day in anticipation of that turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, and of course how can we forget the pies.  Let’s not forget the drinks, and snacks while we are waiting for the meal and watching football. Did you know... Read more