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Boise Thyroid-Endocrinology, PC is the creation of Dr. Lynn Ge-Zerbe, who followed in her grandfather’s footsteps to become a clinician. Before embarking on her studies to do just that, her parents told her: “We want you to treat your patients like you are treating us. You need to listen to them, be kind to them and spend time with them.” Over the years, she kept her promise and worked hard to spend as much time with her patients as she could; to listen to them and educate them.

However, more and more, Dr. Ge-Zerbe found that the limitations placed on her by government and private insurance plans interfered with her ability to give her patients the time and care they deserved. She found this to be unacceptable and made the decision to stop participating in health insurance plans. Now, her only obligation is to you, her patient.

Providing Patients With Personalized Care

Boise Thyroid-Endocrinology, PC is a direct/concierge care practice. In return for a set monthly fee, Dr. Ge-Zerbe who is board certified endocrinologist and internist treats all of your endocrine and primary care health issues. Freed from the increasingly time consuming and expensive billing procedures and administrative requirements of health plans, she can concentrate on you. Because she no longer has to pay billers, coders, preauthorization clerks, etc., Dr. Ge-Zerbe can offer her services at an affordable cost.

Discover A Doctor Who Is There For YOU!

To join her new practice, you can communicate with Dr. Ge-Zerbe directly via cell phone, email and Skype at any time (24/7). You will talk to her–your doctor–directly when you contact her instead of getting an answering machine or nurse call-back. You can also see her as many times as you need, as long as you need to WITHOUT AN ADDITIONAL FEE and your medical record remains your own–not shared with insurance companies or their databases (unless you choose to share it).

Affordable Health Care Solution

Direct care medicine is not an insurance plan and is not a substitute for health insurance. You should still maintain your present plan, or purchase a high deductible catastrophic care plan, because you will need coverage for hospital care and any care provided by anyone but Dr. Ge-Zerbe.

The advantage of direct care medicine is its ability to provide highly attentive, specialized medical care. The defining nature of Boise Thyroid-Endocrinology, PC is excellence of medical care by taking the time to listen to you, researching the latest treatments and advances, adapting wellness programs to your needs, and always being available when needed.

If you have any questions about the unique aspects of direct care, Dr. Ge-Zerbe will be happy to discuss them with you.

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